Growing up in a family of artists and having a fearless fashionista of a mother, I always found clothing to be an artistic expression.  My professional career began working at Will & Grace as a production assistant which exposed me to the world of styling.  From there, I styled wardrobe for edgy moms, industry professionals to a few celebrities.  Yet, personal styling ultimately led me to creating art, working editorial.  I found my home and what I passionately love to do.  My years of styling has given me a strong foundation and built a strong roster of wonderful contacts.  I feel blessed to work among so many talented artists in this industry, which only inspires me to work harder and dig deeper creatively.  Independently driven, a team player, creatively fearless, professional and always holding kindness &  joy is what I value most in what I do. 

"Kate Peris is the consummate professional. She brings beauty, good taste and a progressive edge to the table with her work. Always game to be innovative, has impeccable taste in putting amazing looks together. A dream to work with. An asset to any production." - Lisa Van Hecke Photography

"Kate is an artist. She has the difficult task of decoding my scatterbrained art direction into styling that always knocks it out of the park. She listens, she has zero ego, she is a collaborator and team player during production and on set. She has extensive knowledge of the art of fashion past, present and future and has a sharp eye that I have never quite experienced from another stylist. Most of all she is an amazing human being and people just like to be around her, which is so rare to find in this industry. I just adore her."  - Becca Batista, Photographer

"Working with Kate was a discovery of year 2015. I really thought to myself, where was she all my life!? There are so many words that come to my mind thinking about the times when I work with Kate.  Fast, great at what she does, resourceful, her work ethic is flawless, adapts well to any situation and pulls miracles out of her bag. Kate is extremely talented, intuitive and easy to work with. All that mixed with the fact that she is an incredible human being. I would say if you have Kate in your team, you are winning!" - Djeneba Aduayom, Photographer