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Vecto Art


At a very young age, I could see and sense those who have passed. It was never negative but incredibly scary. I felt entirely alone in my almost daily experiences because I felt no-one would ever believe me.  Into my adulthood, I continued to sleep under the covers out of fear and just needing to separate from the spirits that wanted to communicate with me.  One day, I demanded boundaries and immediately gained confidence.  From that moment 10 years ago, I finally submitted and valued the special gift that I have been born with.  I began working with mentors and offered readings with incredible unforeseen success. It has been a blessing to help so many, I had no idea how deeply my heart could be touched. 


During my 45 minutes with you via phone, I will attempt to connect to your loved ones who have passed on. I am a clairsience, meaning I can sense details about someone's appearance, personality and more. I am also passionate in keeping my fee low for I want to make my gifts accessible to all. 

Before our session, grab some paper or notebook for It is useful to keep notes of the messages that I receive.  It is very common for additional validation to show up in the days after a reading.