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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello everyone!

This post is very personal to me and I wanted to share my experience.

5 years ago, I met designer Mara Carrizo Scalise, for jewelry that I was looking to use for a photoshoot. Upon meeting her, I adored her energy and I could tell she was some sort of a modern daily healer. Her jewelry was also even more beautiful in person. Not only did I pull jewelry for the photoshoot but I bought myself a bracelet. The bracelet did not leave my arm for years and I slowly began to add to my personal collection. Her jewelry always inquired conversation and my go to response was,"not only is it beautiful design but it just 'feels good' on." Plus, I could sleep, shower, exercise in it all because I am just lazy that way! haha

As my friendship began to deepen with Mara, she shared with me that she is a Reiki Master. With her jewelry, she blesses it and infuses Reiki energy into every individual piece. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki does not disappear with time and stays infused in her jewelry.

I'm not sure about you but as optimistic as my temperament is in general, I still catch myself lately spiraling in moments of anxiety and bouts of fear. Let's just say, I have been all over the place! With this, I have been wearing my MARAMCS jewelry constantly and I cannot encourage you more to do the same. Many of you already have pieces from Mara and it is important to wear now more than ever!

You can shop her beautiful line at

I love you all. Breathe deep.....exhale and trust that this storm will soon settle.



To learn about Reiki,

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