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Updated: Apr 8, 2022


I hope you have been well, safe, and handling these unprecedented time with grace and comfort. I am so ready for the season ahead with hopes of enjoying a life with much more ease again! We all need that!

These past 4 months, I stepped back from work and all social media. I felt a calling to dedicate a deep dive into my own mental and physical health. I am at a time in my life where I am going through hormonal changes, on top of an underlying depression, that required creating space to practice self love and management of my mental health. In regards to the business of KHAOS, I will be announcing some exciting news that will involve not only fashion but health, spirituality, design and much more. I love nothing more than to inspire you so stay tuned for lots of new things to come!

I felt quite passionate for this first blog entry of 2022, sharing with you what I have been implementing in my life to help feel more grounded, gain insight and to live a life of joy again. From books to supplements and my unapologetic commitment to myself, I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time. A true selfless commitment to me! That is actually a bit uncomfortable to say aloud but it should be the goal for us all, right!??

I hope you enjoy what I have to share and much love to you always!

Have a beautiful week,



Going into this process, it was important for me to create daily rituals, without feeling a sense of perfectionism and pressure. I wanted to create a meaningful ritual that didn't require a lot of time for how could I possibly make any excuses for something that only requires 5-10 minutes out of my day. I'm seeing how my daily ritual has really helped ground me to keep my mental health and gratitude practice a reality. I have been doing this consistenly for 4 months now, and wow, do I feel more patient, more calm and lighter. Here is what I do below but just remember there are no rules in creating your own special moment.

  • Make a beautiful cup of tea

  • Light a candle

  • Write in your 5 minute journal

  • Pull a card when desired and journal further if need be. ( "Most of the time, I write in my journal after pulling a card as it allows me to really process or understand the message that I received.")


Another way I am taking care of myself is by consistently meditating. Again, I don't have strict rules around when or how I do it for I trust that making any amount of time in my day to meditate is a plus! Sometimes I meditate in the morning, or in moments of anxiety or even lying in bed falling asleep to a guided meditation. Sometimes I do a 3 minute mediation or sometimes a 30 minute, all that matters is that we are taking these moments to quiet ourselves. I love a good guided meditation app and these are the two that I use for my practice.

  • Aura // "My favorite for sleep and targeting a certain emotion."

  • Core // "I have used for years and became a partner with because I truly believe in this product. It helped me develop my own practice while analyzing may progress along the way. I highly recommend."

If you are looking for crystals that are chosen with care and sold at prices you will hardly believe, please check out my friend Ginger at The 7 Directions. She is literally my only source of crystals, singing bowls, etc. My favorite are her weekly live sales on Instagram, purely addictive!

Hopefully you do not feel overwhelmed by all this information but rather inspired! Start small, that's what I'm doing! Also, I am incredibly goal oriented and found installing a habit tracker to my phone has helped me implement all these better habits. I have tried so many habit tracker apps and they were all too complicated or gimmicky when all I really wanted was simple.

  • Habit // "Easy and can track your progress."

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