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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

In my youth, I thought I was going to be a famous dancer and entertainer. I began dancing at 10 years of age, eventually began teaching and even opened my own little dance studio while still in high school. Dance was always poetic expression for me. Dance was where I could pour all my emotions into movement. Dance was and still is a place of happiness, the ultimate dose of anti-depressant that always leaves me elated.

I have fond memories of watching my father practice the martial art, Tai Chi, when I was little. I was intrigued and calmed just by watching the sway of movements as each individual executed each warrior pose. It was poetry. Lately, I have been feeling an internal call to start this form of martial artist. As I am currently inconsistent with my sitting meditation practice, I am realizing how much this meditative practice could really be a great fit for me. There are many ways to balance our mind and I am on a mission to bring them all to you. There these many different roads that all aid in mental peace, it is your job to find what fits best for you.

Please watch the video below & please Subscribe to my new channel.

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