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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Hello Ladies!

As your personal stylist, I am here to get you started feeling and looking your best for the summer ahead. This week's blog is our first official step together to building a strong wardrobe that has you struttin' your stuff!


Did you love my SS '23 trend report? Did it leave you feeling inspired?

This last week, I assessed and reorganized my closet to have a clearer picture of what I would like to add to my wardrobe. Upon completing, I felt instantly more inspired to dress from what I already own. It was clear, however, that I am in need of pant updates as my styles are dated and I have clearly been rotating the same 2 pairs. One of my favorite trends right now is the return of the cargo pant which I was eager to start shopping around for on the internet. I proceeded to make a few purchases, received, loved and kept all four pairs! Annnddd, as your personal stylist, I cannot gatekeep the goods! Below are a few cargo outfit inspirations followed by my edits for your shopping pleasure.

Styling Notes:

  • Cargos, once only used casually now can be used dressed up or down.

  • Sneakers, Flats, Flip-Flops to heels, it is all working!

  • Keep tops tailored or form fitting

  • Tops remained tucked to keep a feminine aesthetic.

  • Stay away from Skinny Cargos (don't toss if you already own, they will be back one day. Just store away for the time being.)

My Cargo Pant Edits, including the ones I bought:


My love of nails began with my stylish Grandma Pearl. She was a nail technician in Los Angeles and as a child I was completely enamored by her work. Her desk drawers were full of an incredible collection of polishes, a rainbow of delights, that planted an obsession that I admittedly still possess today. At 18 years of age, I quit college and became a nail technician in hopes to obtaining a comfortable income. I was recruited to a high end nail salon upon graduation, competed with the best nail technicians from around the country and won highly coveted awards in the industry. It was a blast! 20 years old, an independent contractor, and a pile of cash in my pocket everyday was a luxury for this small town girl. I worked professionally for only three years before moving to Los Angeles with a scholarship to Fashion Design School. Despite leaving the nail industry, my passion for nails has never left my heart.

Now that you know WHY I'm so obsessed, let's get back to the education!

When it comes to implementing seasonal Style updates for yourself, the easiest way to adopt color trends is through your nail color. Take a look at this season's color trends, so lovely and suitable for all!

What was your favorite?! My favorite were the all the shades of Chromed nails! To take a further look at my color edits, Click here to screen shot colors for your nail tech or to purchase directly.

Please comment below any of your immediate style requests and questions. I will share them all in the next blog. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

Much Love,


(To explore more, click below!)

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